Live Performance is in Unusual Spaces

Musicians and those who produce musical events are stepping out of the box and offering live music in unique and unusual spaces. Take the Last Concert Café, for example. From the outside it looks as if guests are entering a café but once “inside” there is no ceiling. It is an outdoors café with tables, chairs, stage, lighting, bar, and foodservice. Another venue, a warehouse outfitted with artwork, chairs, appropriate lighting, a bar, and stage is churning out incredible musical experiences. A deserted train station in Paris is the backdrop for excellent live music. (see the blog from 9-12-19).  

As affordable venues to host events have been scarce, LMMF has followed this notion of offering music in unusual spaces. We have presented musical events in homes, patios, an art gallery, restaurants, a BBQ smokehouse, churches, and nightclubs. Our next venue will be the old Clark Building in downtown Houston. A portion of a converted defunct clothing store houses notsuoH, a Bar/Art/Music/Poetry/Chess venue.  This space features artwork and a vintage setting with an old piano, typewriters, furniture, tables with chess sets, and such. A well-stocked bar stretches half the distance of the space. Another location that you won’t recognize from the outside, and will be transformed to a different time and place. It is a perfect space for a relaxing evening of good music and cocktails.  (Click here for details.)

In addition to a series of events planned at notsuoH, we will return to Hoot’s Smokehouse for a series of jam events.  The Down Home Day jam sessions last year allowed LMMF to introduce music to families with kids who aren’t able to attend the evening events. It also introduced new musicians to LMMF.  Generous sponsors funded the DHD events, and with their continued and other new funding, we will offer these free events a second time to expose music to new audiences. The next DHD will be Sunday, September 29, 5p-8p, Hoots Smokehouse, 7648 Canal St., Houston, TX 77012. The RedLoc Collective will provide music.

The space at Hoot’s Smokehouse allows LMMF to fulfill the commitment to developing a multicultural, multigenerational audience to keep the musical styles of jazz, blues, and soul alive and vibrant. It also creates an atmosphere where seasoned professionals and new artists can collaborate and share their talents.  Finally, it provides a place where guests can relax and participate in the musical experience.

See you on Sunday, September 29, Hoots Smokehouse, 7648 Canal St., Houston, TX 77012. Please stay connected for announcements on other upcoming events and don’t forget to JOIN THE MOVEMENT today!