A Letter to the LMMF Family

Dear LMMF Family,

Since our last email correspondence on March 4, the world has literally turned upside down.  On March 5, Artistic Director Leslie Drayton and I traveled to Prague in the Czech Republic for an idyllic birthday vacation.  We returned home March 12, exactly 24 hours before the ban on international travel was initiated and nothing has been the same since. 

Like all other arts organizations, LMMF’s activities came to a complete halt.   We canceled all events until further notice. We want you to know that we are coping the best that we can and hope that you are too during these difficult times. 

Through it all, we can find solace in music and art. According to AARP, music really does make life better. More than 70 percent of surveyed Americans age 45 and older say music has helped them through a difficult time in their lives.  This is undoubtedly the most difficult time of our lifetime. Let us share music and art that hopefully will give you a few moments of peace and provide a distraction from your daily routine.


I am most excited about this first video as it is a snippet of music from Leslie’s new CD and it is a reference to me! Leslie is our biggest supporter and contributor and I’m happy to share his talents with you.
This is a dance created by some of the Ailey company (and their children and pets!). It uses the opening section of Mr. Alvin Ailey’s Revelations. The Alvin Ailey Dance Group, my favorite, was to be in Houston this month but of course, that can’t happen.  Please enjoy this video

The final video is art and music from our trip to Prague. It takes a bit of time to load but it is worth the wait. 


Now for the very difficult part of this correspondence.  Something that we haven’t needed to do before but now find the need.  We ask for your financial support. Our source of funds is from concert ticket sales and our sponsors.  Our sponsors are small business owners who have been greatly impacted by this crisis and we won’t have any concerts.  

Like you, I’m being inundated with requests for financial support from the opera, dance companies, museums, and other organizations.  While I can’t support them all, I’m doing what I can. I ask that you do the same and lend support to LMMF. Your investment of $10 in LMMF will have a great impact on our organization.  

If each person on our list gives, LMMF can meet our upcoming obligations and be ready to start again when the pandemic is under control.  Donations can be made on our website or mailed to P.O. Box 11855, Spring, TX 77391. The link will take you to the site.DonateListen to some great music. Read a great book. Stay safe and sure until we can see each other face-to-face.

With deep regards,

Kathy Drayton
Founder & Chairperson

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